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The Lightning GT is undergoing exhaustive testing and evaluation to go into production when ready at the end of 2015. The initial batch 50 car program cars are now available to order and specifying to your requirments. For more information please email iains@lightningcarcompany.co.uk

The GT is 100% original. It isn't based upon any other manufacturers chassis or design, it is a truly unique British Lightning GT from bumper to bumper. Electric cars have a  reputation for being designed by people who believe that they should look different from conventional engined cars. The Lightning has been created to make the owners simply feel special with gracious yet strong lines from every angle, even the rear where many designs can lose the car's personality. The car is very British, we will hand build it with over 90% of the components being created and sourced here. The power train is from Sheffield and the lightweight carbon fibre bodywork and honeycomb aluminum chassis from the Midlands, the heart of British car building.

The Lightning GT is a technological tour de force, with leading edge components and advanced engineering employed throughout. The driving experience is equally impressive, fabulous handling with exhilarating performance and very high levels of driver feedback, every journey will be adventure in a Lightning GT! The internal soundtrack is up to you, the sonorous whirr of the ultra smooth motors or the very high quality in-car entertainments system. For 2014/15 we are producing just 50 cars, hand built in Coventry, each one bespoke to owners requirements. When exclusivity is as important to you as zero or low emission motoring then the Lightning GT is worthy of consideration.

The Lightning Gt has just completed phase one of a new round of high speed tests at Elvington, East Yorkshire. Elvington is a famous airfield and home to the Yorkshire Air Museum, a must visit location with many renowned aircraft present. Not least amongst these is the English Electric Lightning, an incredible supersonic fighter plane with speeds and acceleration even modern jets struggle to emulate, although they're probably a little more economical.


The purpose for the visits was to run the car at high speed as part of the shakedown of the remarkable drive-train the Lightning now features. The unit comes from Magtec in Sheffield, UK, probably Britain's best electric motor manufacturer. The motors are well proven over millions of miles. They feature a unique stator construction which combined with high flux rotors provides both class leading torque and power density performance. Each unit features two motors running through a new ultra high efficiency lightweight and silky smooth gearbox which whilst nearly silent, does give the occupants a sonorous soundtrack.

In addition we  have developed an impressive digital differential which provides the GT with optimum wheel speeds, leading to excellent cornering performance.

The testing results exceeded expectations with the Lightning over achieving the targets set for the programme. This included runs at over 130 mph and acceleration tests which certainly set the wheels alight whenever the driver felt the need to provide the team with a little something extra. Of particular note was both the smoothness of the drive-train and the seamless almost inexorable surge of power, even a devout petrol-head would be left grinning and seeking more.


The testing programme was a great success with the imperious English Electric Lightning with its Mach 2 (over 150mph) top speed looking on to inspire the team to ever more high speed runs.

We arrive at 2015 full of excitement as the Lightning continues to impress with it's future potential. We are working closely with Magtec our drive-train partner and together refining the power delivery of the new unit whose output exceeds expectations.

We look forwards too that by the Spring we will be announcing new developments and partnerships, all geared towards delivering a superb electric car for the discerning driver; performance looks and style plus emission free at point of use.

We are particularly interested in new partnerships from around the world, feel free to contact us in early 2015 to find out more.

Wishing all our followers a very exciting and emission free 2015

Iain Sanderson